Advantage ii Large Cats: 2 Hours Post-Application

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This stuff is the ONLY product that worked for me. Somebody moved into my apartment building a couple of months ago and they brought fleas with them. My cat is and always has been an indoor cat and had never had fleas before. This had become a problem for the last couple months. I’ve tried sterilizing and washing everything in my house. Vacuumed everything repeatedly. Flea sprayed the house. Flea bathed my cat weekly and flea combed him multiple times daily. I tried a flea collar. Granted I’d been purchasing the cheap brands. Nothing has worked to control these fleas. They kept coming back. I finally caved and bought Advantage 2 for Large Cats at .19 after tax (4 month pack). Later on I found it for only something on Target’s website. It only took two hours for those fleas to start dying and falling off of my cat.

……Now to start stripping EVERYTHING down and sterilizing it all …again….for the third time.

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