Pet Ear Mites

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Pet Ear Mites

Pets ear mites are extremely small crab-like, parasitic organisms that are often found in the ears of cats and dogs. Thousands of them could be present in your pet’s ears, and they’re difficult to see with a naked eye. They feed on debris and tissue fluids. Unlike fleas, ear mites do not suck blood or bite into the skin.

What do ear mites look like? They resemble ticks but are microscopic. Normally, your pet will need an exam to determine if ear mites are present because they will only appear as a tiny white dot to the naked eye, if you can even see them at all.

Are ear mites contagious? Ear mites are transmitted from one pet to another. If you have multiple pets and one is diagnosed with ear mites, you need to have all your pets examined. So if you’re asking yourself “Are ear mites contagious?” the answer is definitely yes.

Ear mite symptoms A pet with ear mites may have a “dry black ear discharge” that is said to resemble coffee grounds. However, a diagnosis of ear mites shouldn’t be based on this discharge alone.

Normally, pets with ear mites will scratch at their ears regularly and shake their head vigorously. Another symptom of ear mites can be sores around the ears caused by the constant scratching.

The ear canal may become inflamed and the pet may have problems with balance due to the head shaking and being tilted. In serious cases they may refuse to eat or experience vomiting.

Since these symptoms can also be the signs for other ear conditions, it is important that your pet see a vet to have the proper test run to correctly diagnose this condition before treatment is begins.

Ear mite medication If your pet has ear mites, then you need to get started with the treatment right away. Your vet will perform the initial treatment and then you will be required to finish out the rest.

The first thing that the vet will do is to gently clean your pet’s ears. After the cleaning, a topical ear mite medication is applied. This medication contains an anti-inflammatory medicine.

There will also be an antibiotic in the medication to fight the bacteria and a medication that kills the mites.

The process of cleaning the ears and applying the medication should continue for seven to ten days. When a cat has ear mites and it is obvious that it would be too difficult to treat the condition, an injection may be necessary.

If you suspect that your dog or cat has ear mites you should take him or her to the vet to have a test run immediately. This is not a condition that you should ignore or let linger for very long.

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